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Everywhere All At Once

Vanessa Marsh

September 7 – October 30, 2016

Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #1, 2012
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #21, 2014
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #22, 2015
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #28, 2015
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #32, 2016
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #29, 2015
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #30, 2015
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #10, 2012
Vanessa Marsh, Landscape #7, 2012

Foley Gallery is very pleased to present Everywhere All at Once, an exhibition of photographs featuring the drawing/photogram hybrid process of Vanessa Marsh.  Her practice explores the dialogue between man-made and natural landscapes; the world as we have made it and the natural cosmological power of the universe.

Marsh combines layers of drawings on acetate with varying depths of opacity, employing them as films to expose on photographic paper. These new environments are formed from an amalgam of memorable places specific to her past along with our own collective memories of the night sky.  It’s an invitation to join her in looking up at the stars from a place that may or may not exist for us.  We occupy these spaces, these landscapes, with just enough familiarity to connect to, but not so much that we know exactly where we are.

The night sky, a recurring theme for Marsh, freckles each landscape, provoking the terrifying and exciting prospect of an endless universe.  A metaphor for unlimited possibility or in fact, an example of our current limitation as earthly beings.

As Marsh explains, “Looking out over the landscape the night sky provides a reminder of the smallness of our existence and also the vast possibilities inherent to our experience. It provides a connection between distant individuals, a jumping off point for belief systems and mythos, and an interstellar reference that helps us to navigate our own world. For me, more than anything, it provides a sense of space and infinity that is at once the essence of openness and possibility and also terrifyingly complex and unfathomable.”

Vanessa Marsh received her MFA in 2004 from California College of the Arts. Marsh has exhibited across the United States, including at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery at UC Davis, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and The Camera Club of New York. She has been awarded Fellowships at the Headlands Center for the Arts (2004), The MacDowell Colony (2007) and Kala Art Institute (2011.)

Everywhere All at Once will remain on view through October 30, 2016. Foley Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 – 6pm, Sunday 12  - 6. To request images, please contact the gallery at 212.244.9081 or