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Looking Back (Part I)

January 8 – March 15, 2020

Wyatt Gallery, West 4th 038-7, 2015
Cal Lane, Untitled, 2008
Michelle Kingdom, Neither Fate Nor Muse
Sage Sohier, Bill & Ric, with Ric's Daughter Kate, San Francisco, 1987
Simon Schubert, Untitled (Intricated 23), 2018
Amy Casey, Ill Wind, 2018
Mechanism, 2004, 40 x 48 inches 
Martin Klimas, Untitled, 2013
Leon Borensztein, Black Mother with Baby Girl, 1979
Casey Ruble, Knots of men occupied street corners and planned to repulse the attacks of the whites (Knoxville, Tenn. 1919), 2016
Thomas Allen, Uncovered, 2006
Henry Leutwyler, Ballet No. 210, 2012
Alexandre Orion, Metabiotica 12, 2004
Rosalind Solomon, An East Village Painter, 1986
Rachell Sumpter, This Ole' Witch, 2018

2020 marks the gallery's 15th anniversary.  Beginning on January 8th, the gallery will highlight 15 works from 15 past exhibitions, as Foley Gallery continues to bring together fine line and obsessive precision in the disciplines of drawing, cut paper, painting, and photography. 
Then, on February 12, we open Part II of this exhibition adding 15 artists that the gallery has never shown before.  Both exhibitions will run concurrently through March 15th.