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Dear Dave, Week: Approaching 20 Issues in Print

Group Exhibition

April 16, 2015 – April 16, 2019

Richard Rothman, Untitled, 2010
Abby Robinson, Houston, Texas (from the series Space Invaders), 1976-1984
Tiana Peterson, Pop Up Background, One, 2012
Lydia Panas, A Suspended Moment, 2006
Andrew B Myers, Balloons, 2013
Domingo Milella, Myra Turkey, 2012
Christopher Mealie, Religion, 2006
Malcolm Lightner, Lady Derringer, from the Mile O' Mud, 2008
Carrie Levy, Untitled, 2005
Paul Jung, Op.PJW269, Study Nº2820, 2014
Bill Jacobson, A Series of Human Decisions (#1594), 2005
Jamie Isaia, GHETTO PALM, 2012
Ryan Foerster, Window Bars Green, 2013
Tim Davis, Profil Perdu, 2003
Maggie Cepis, Working Too Hard Hole The Week, 2010