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Amanda Bernsohn, Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Liz Steketee, Matthew Finley, Becca Screnock, Rick Wright, Teresa Camozzi, and Yvette Marie Dostatni

July 6 – 29, 2023

Yvette Marie Dostatni, You've Got a Friend in Me; Groomer to Groomer Show, Creative Styling Category, 2017
Yvette Marie Dostatni, Docent, Owner, Personal Collecter of 15,00O Angels; Joyce Berg, Angel Museum, 2018
Yvette Marie Dostatni, Professional Socialites, Jon and Andrew Landon, 2019
Yvette Marie Dostatni, A Wake at the Funeral Home With Bob Rodger's Trump Pinata, 2020
Yvette Marie Dostatni, Waiting for the Doorbell to Ring on Halloween; Michael Foley and Coleen Pertle, 2018
Yvette Marie Dostatni, Puppeteer Samuel J. Lewis II, 41 Miles from Kenosha on the Eve of Civil Unrest, 2020
Yvette Marie Dostatni, King's Chair; New Style Comfort Furniture Store Window, King Jeremie and Haija Sidd, 2020
Yvette Marie Dostatni, This Time; Gun Reenactment, Jeanette Dostatni, and Joe Gabor, 2022
Yvette Marie Dostatni, Aphorodite's Christmas Tree; Willie Johnson, Building Manager, 2023
Rick Wright, Admiral Scott, 2023
Rick Wright, Broken Rails, 2023
Rick Wright, Colonnade, 2023
Rick Wright, Ground Zero Bench, 2023
Rick Wright, Moon Base Phila, 2023
Rick Wright, No Underground, 2023
Rick Wright, Paper People, 2023
Rick Wright, The Gingerbread Man, 2023
Rick Wright, Washington Skirmish, 2023
Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Communal Expansion, 2023
Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Eating Cake, Flattening the Curve, 2023
Anna Paola Pizzocaro, 6 Feet Away, 2023
Liz Steketee, THE MOTHER, 2023
Liz Steketee, THE FATHER, 2023
Liz Steketee, THE DAUGHTER, 2023
Matthew Finley, A knocking at the window., 2023
Matthew Finley, Empty hands., 2023
Matthew Finley, Wonderland., 2023
Matthew Finley, Night Garden., 2023
Matthew Finley, Weeding., 2023
Matthew Finley, Entwined., 2023
Matthew Finley, Bent., 2023
Matthew Finley, Abscission., 2023
Matthew Finley, Meditation on beauty., 2023
Matthew Finley, A safe place., 2023
Matthew Finley, Rest your head., 2023
Matthew Finley, Right Angle., 2023
Matthew Finley, Blinded., 2023
Matthew Finley, Protected., 2023
Matthew Finley, Weeping., 2023
Matthew Finley, Dead end., 2023
Matthew Finley, My sanctum., 2023
Matthew Finley, Put asunder., 2023
Matthew Finley, On the mend., 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Surgery, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Visitation, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Tres Morti, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Anesthesia, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Exit, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Maria, 2023
Teresa Camozzi, Blind, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Untitled, 2022
Amanda BernSohn, Untitled, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Untitled, 2022
Amanda BernSohn, Sunset going over (video still), 2023
Amanda BernSohn, My neighbors' kitchens, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Lu, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Lu, morning shadow, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Flight paths, E. Flatbush, 2023
Amanda BernSohn, Clouds, Light, 2020
Becca Screnock, Forest Service Road 024, 2023
Becca Screnock, Traveler, 2023
Becca Screnock, Home Style, 2023

On July 6th, Foley Gallery continues the 2023 edition of “the Exhibition Lab Exhibition,” a group show featuring work by Amanda BernSohn, Anna Paola Pizzocaro, Liz Steketee, Matthew Finley, Becca Screnock, Rick Wright, Teresa Camozzi, and Yvette Marie Dostatni. The exhibition will feature photographers exploring various genres, from documentary, autobiographical, and surreal to new media forms, including mixed media.


New York based photographer Amanda BernSohn’s works with available light and the people around her to explore concepts such as intimacy and interdependence, and how they change over time. Her series Cirrostratus is named after the very high, very thin sheets of clouds formed by ice crystals that, in certain instances, produce halos of light that can be the only indication of their presence. The photographs in Cirrostratus capture the fleeting and ephemeral fragments of everyday life, and point to the inherent interconnectedness of ordinary moments.


Inspired by classical composition and Dutch-styled still lifes, Anna Paola Pizzocaro’s exhibiting photographs are her personal testimony of the past three years. Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently on the ways our lives were changed individually and collectively, her work expresses our pain, loneliness, and disorientation of recent years, but also the reconciliation, beauty, and hope that have remained within us.    


Using mixed media, photographic montage, textiles, and the sculptural elements of photographs, Liz Steketee examines family, identity, and memory, and how they weave and bend within our collective humanity. Her process includes ripping and cutting fragments of her work, which encourages contemplation, and reconstructing the pieces back together in unexpected ways, which acts to mend that which is broken.


Matthew Finley’s series WHISPERING EDEN is a meditation on nature’s subtle tenacity in times of personal uncertainty. Turning his camera on a relative’s home and garden, and nature’s decorative icons on objects around him, his captivating, almost transcendent photographs explore humans’ deep connection to nature and the potential for reflection, recognition, and growth. Also found within his general practice, these exhibiting images expose his closely held emotions which would otherwise go unexpressed.

Becca Screnock’s photographic practice focuses on overlooked moments, intimacy, and relationships between people and spaces; her new series The Loneliest Road is no exception. On long drives down U.S. Route 50, Screnock searched for unexpected surprises within the forgotten and disappearing places she stumbled upon. Throughout her journey and its many detours, she collected images that function as an ambiguous travelogue, allowing viewers to construct their own narratives.


Using a combination of digital capture, scanned film, and A.I. image-to-image or text-to-image conversions, Rick Wright’s photographs explore the integration of A.I. imagery into photography as we know it. Beginning by staging an iPad in the frame to separate the digital world from the real world, Wright incorporated A.I. to open up doorways into fictitious worlds. Whimsical yet terrifying, Wright’s photographs examine the potentially darker consequences of technology.


Overlaying images of walls and hallways, doctors and hospital rooms, and opened and closed eyes, Teresa Camozzi’s fragmented collages examine the importance of human sight and the artist’s deep fear of losing it. Camozzi’s series Blind was inspired by her doctor finding both of her eyes’ viscera had multiple tears and were about to detach from the retina, causing blindness. After an emergency operation, her eyes and her sight were saved. The photographs in Blind serve to salute the courageous individuals who have lived throughout time without sight.


In her series My American Dream, Yvette Marie Dostatni examines the complex and fluid landscape of identity in The United States. Her photographs explore quintessential American principles such as freedom and patriotism, and highlight the contradictions that arise when these principles are viewed through a larger, more inclusive lens. Her photographs depict a vast array of diverse communities throughout America, that are at once connected through and divided by state lines, cultural disparities, and language barriers—boundaries that can, and often do, define and decide our lives in this country.


The Exhibition Lab Exhibition|Part 2 will remain on view through July 29th, 2023. Foley Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 12 pm – 5:30 pm. To request images, please get in touch with the gallery at