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Our Earthly Figures (Part II)

February 12 – March 15, 2020

Joana Ricou, One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

Joana Ricou

One, No One and One Hundred Thousand
No. 30, 2019

Mixed Media on Wood

8h x 8w x 2d in


Hiba Schahbaz, Maheen, 2011

Hiba Schahbaz

Maheen, 2011

Gouache and watercolor, tea and gold leaf on Wasli

7.25h x 6.50w in


Ann Weathersby, Memories built themselves with almost architectural order, 2019

Ann Weathersby

Memories built themselves with almost architectural order, 2019

Found book, tape, leather, aluminum, hinged wooden box

11.38h x 25.20w x 1.63d in


Debbie Fleming Caffery, Irma, 2000

Debbie Fleming Caffery

Irma, 2000

Gelatin Silver Print

19.50h x 18.94w in

Edition 11 of 25


Elizabeth Colomba, Study of a Face, 2009

Elizabeth Colomba

Study of a Face, 2009

Ink on Paper

7.50h x 9.50w in


Lizzie Gill, Under The Influencer, 2019

Lizzie Gill

Under The Influencer, 2019

Collage, acrylic and graphite on paper

20h x 15w in

Framed: 25h x 20w in


Irene Gonzalez, Untitled, 2020

Irene Gonzalez

Untitled, 2020

Conté crayon and powdered graphite on paper

15.75h x 19.69w in


Rania Matar, Alae, 2019

Rania Matar

Alae, 2019

Pigment Print

36.80h x 44w in

Editions of 6 + 2 APs


Jenny Carpenter, In Search of a Grin, 2019

Jenny Carpenter

In Search of a Grin, 2019

Oil and graphite on Birch Panel

30h x 24w in


Mary Frey, Untitled (Girl with Curtain), 1979-1983

Mary Frey

Untitled (Girl with Curtain), 1979-1983

Silver Gelatin Vintage Print

20h x 16w in


Monica Ikegwu, Milly, 2020

Monica Ikegwu

Milly, 2020

Oil on Canvas

36h x 12w in


Qinza Najm, The Sensible Edge, 2018-2019

Qinza Najm

The Sensible Edge, 2018-2019

Acrylic on Carpet

72h x 24w in


Meryl Miesler, Self-Portrait, Playmate Hostess, NY, NY December 1978, 1978

Meryl Miesler

Self-Portrait, Playmate Hostess, NY, NY December 1978, 1978

Gelatin Silver Print

16h x 20w in

#1 Edition of 5


Weronika Gęsicka, Untitled #56, 2015-2018

Weronika Gęsicka

Untitled #56, 2015-2018

Archival Pigment Print

12.60h x 15.75w in

Edition 2 of 5


Nichole Washington, Truth Whisper, 2018

Nichole Washington

Truth Whisper, 2018

Archival matte print with gouache hand painted detail

 20.55h x 25.50w in

Edition 1 of 2


One reason why 2020 is so special for me is the celebration of the gallery’s 15th year. (I am cheating a bit as we actually opened on September 22, 2004, but who’s counting).

In 2004 I opened the gallery in a modest space on the upper floor of a Chelsea gallery building.  We started with a program that exclusively featured photography. I knew that medium best and people associated me with it.

The following year, I added collage and drawing, which are passions of mine.  Over the next few years, paper, became the medium that brought it all together. I love paper...what artists do on it and what they do with it.

After two other locations, I set root at 59 Orchard Street in 2014.  We are firmly settled here and have expanded the program to include so much more.

I have chosen to celebrate our 15 years, in two parts. Part 1 is a look back at 15 artists that we have worked with.  In Part 2, I have selected 15 artists that I have never worked with before. Both exhibitions will be on view.

Looking Back (Part 1) is exactly that.  A walk-through history, gems from 15 different exhibitions.  Our Earthly Figures (Part 2) takes another direction from Looking Back (Part I). It is a look forward with 15 female artists from around the world, whose subject is narrowed into their interpretation of the female body. With each artist, comes a different narrative, experience, and cultural background that represents their practice and aesthetic.

We feel honored to have such a remarkable group of women from countries and cities such as Poland, Lebanon, Madrid, Pakistan, Paris and New York, participating in Our Earthly Figures. The media is mixed from photography to painting and everything in between.

This is a celebration of what we have accomplished and the direction we are charting to move toward.  In a changing world, it’s an exciting time to address what’s happening now, with an eye on where we came from.

Looking Back (Part 1) and Our Earthly Figures (Part 2)  is on view through March 15th 2020. Foley Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11 – 5:30pm and Sunday from 12-5pm. To request images; please contact the gallery at