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The Exhibition Lab Exhibition (2010)

Group Show

July 15 – August 13, 2010

Marcy Robinson Untitled, 2010
Amy Finkelstein Untitled, 2010
Katherine Westerman Disclose, 2010
Peter Hoang Red River, 2010
Jersey Walz Massimo and Dog, Rome, 2009
Matilde Soligno Reaching the Distance #03, 2010
Malu Alvarez Horse Legs, 2009
Carl Wooley Nargeela at the Dead Sea, 2010
MaryLynne Wrye Cloud, 2010
Irina Rozovsky Untitled (from One To Nothing), 2009
Matt Licari Brad, Chris, Sheeba, Anthony and Neil, Bronx, NY, 2007
Landon Nordeman 57th Street (woman in snow), NYC, 2010
Keren Moscovitch After They All Left, 2009
Baldomero Fernandez Burning Down the House, 2009